Date:September 23, 2012 will help you get your financial life back on track by giving you total visibility of your finances. This website allows you to simultaneously track all major bank accounts: checking, savings, credit cards, investments and loans (mortgage, car, etc.). In addition, it offers multiple online tools to track your expenses, establish financial goals, and set payment reminders.

Once you grant access to your bank accounts, it will automatically extract and categorize all the transactions. By breaking down your spending habits you will be able to track where each dollar goes. Additionally, developed a mobile app that allows you to take your finances on-the-go. Thus, if you are trying to pay off loans, save money to buy a new house/car or trying to accelerate your retirement, we don’t think you can find a better personal financial management tool on the web.

Top 3 highlights:
–    Free of use
–    Little bookkeeping (only checks and cash transactions)
–    Encrypted to protect all secure information.

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