Date:August 19, 2012


Ever wondered if you could reach financial freedom by doing what you love to do? With Fiverr, you can find out if your hobby is profitable, if your passion is the perfect business plan and if your ideas are the perfect marketing strategy.

Fiverr is a playground for freelancers to monetize their skills, passions, resources, talents and hobbies by charging a low fee of $5 (in most cases). With more than 650,000 services available on the website, Fiverr facilitates the buying and selling of different “gigs” and “micro-jobs” online to thousands of people who visit the website each day.

The website is growing rapidly as more and more people choose Fiverr as the website to kick-start their journey to success. You probably have hundreds of ideas that you would like to test out before you make a big change in your life. Fiverr is the perfect marketplace to test them.

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