How to Make A Digital Business Card in 5 Easy Steps

In today’s increasingly connected world, people are finding information about you through the internet as opposed to more traditional means. Have you ever Googled yourself? Try it now and see what pops up. You’ll probably notice you don’t control most of the sites on the first page. While some may find this scary, take it as an opportunity to instead direct these people to a site created by you. Since the first three listings get over 79% of the traffic, make it your goal to reach the top three spots on Google for your name.

1. See if your name is available as a URL. Click here to check the availability. If it is not, try adding your middle initial or some slight variation. It helps to have your full name within the URL as Google will boost up the page on the search rankings.

2. Buy hosting and register the domain. I use Bluehost and I know a lot of people who also consider it the best hosting service. This should cost you about $4-$7 a month depending on the length of the plan you purchase. It includes free domain registration which is a plus.

3. Install WordPress on the host site. For bluehost, they conveniently do it for you in under 5 minutes. Click here for help.

4. Pick a business card theme. There are a variety of business card themes in a variety of price ranges. Here are my top 2 free ones: Digital Business Card by Human 3rror, Ipseity by Human 3rror. Click here for help uploading the themes.

5. Customize the theme with your info. Go through the WordPress theme options on the left toolbar and input your personal information. Most of the themes make it as simple as adding the URL of your different pages in the specified boxes.

Congratulations! You now have your own personal website. Comment on any problems you have and let me know if there are other themes you have found!

Nikolai De Leo is a Transaction Advisory Services Professional living in Miami, FL. When not working, he enjoys reading (his three favorite books are As a Man Thinketh, Atlas Shrugged, and the Picture of Dorian Grey), running (he has completed two half marathons and a triathlon in his favorite Vibram five fingers), and watching college football (he attended the University of Florida for both his undergraduate and graduate degrees).
  1. Naimish Reply

    Other services you can use:

    • Nikolai De Leo Reply

      I think Magntize is probably the easiest road for those looking to not invest as much time or money. It is not as personal or customizable but it is a great option for some people.

      Thanks for the input!

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