15 Minutes for a Smile That Lasts All Day

As I was backpacking through Europe this summer, I made an interesting decision: I decided to stay at a Christian hostel in Amsterdam. They promised FREE FOOD and a really quiet atmosphere (something I needed after my previous hostel experiences). I was just finishing my “free food” when I heard the catch: I had to watch a short movie. I prepared to get a dose of Jesus with my stringed beans and rice.

To my surprise, I had a huge smile when the movie ended. And want to know the crazy part? It wouldn’t go away. My mind told me, “The acting was bad, the lines were cheesy, and it wasn’t even in color!” Yet none of this seemed to remove the dumb grin on my face.

See for yourself…and you might end up with a smile that won’t go away.



Nikolai De Leo is a Transaction Advisory Services Professional living in Miami, FL. When not working, he enjoys reading (his three favorite books are As a Man Thinketh, Atlas Shrugged, and the Picture of Dorian Grey), running (he has completed two half marathons and a triathlon in his favorite Vibram five fingers), and watching college football (he attended the University of Florida for both his undergraduate and graduate degrees).
  1. Katerina Reply

    In today's world it is so hard to take 15 min to watch the unknown…..my! was is amazing!!! I always say it takes lo little to smile and the forces of a smile are so powerful !!! Thanks for posting it!!

  2. Daniel De Leo Reply

    Like this short film a lot! Powerful message

  3. Zach Reply

    Haha I really enjoyed this!

  4. DB Cooper Reply

    I'll admit it made me smile.

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